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Largest places in Chad

The largest cities and places in Chad at a glance on one page. Have a closer look at the largest places in Chad.

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Largest places in Chad
N'Djamena N'Djamena1.Chari-Baguirmi Chari-Baguirmi721,081
Moundou Moundou2.Logone Occidental Logone Occidental135,167
Sagh Sagh3.Moyen-Chari Moyen-Chari102,528
Abeche Abéché4.Ouaddai Ouaddaï74,188
Kelo Kelo5.Tandjile Tandjilé42,533
Koumra Koumra6.Mandoul Mandoul36,263
Pala Pala7.Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Mayo-Kebbi Ouest35,466
Am Timan Am Timan8.Salamat Salamat28,885
Bongor Bongor9.Mayo-Kebbi Est Mayo-Kebbi Est27,770
Mongo Mongo10.Guera Guéra27,763
Doba Doba11.Logone Oriental Logone Oriental24,336
Ati Ati12.Batha Batha24,074
Fada Fada13.Ennedi-Ouest Ennedi-Ouest23,786
Lai Laï14.Tandjile Tandjilé19,382
Oum Hadjer Oum Hadjer15.Batha Batha19,271
Bitkine Bitkine16.Guera Guéra18,495
Mao Mao17.Kanem Kanem18,031
Massaguet Massaguet18.Hadjer-Lamis Hadjer-Lamis17,906
Dourbali Dourbali19.Chari-Baguirmi Chari-Baguirmi17,682
Mboursou Lere Mboursou Léré20.Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Mayo-Kebbi Ouest17,132
Kyabe Kyabé21.Moyen-Chari Moyen-Chari16,177
Benoy Benoy22.Logone Occidental Logone Occidental15,717
Massakory Massakory23.Hadjer-Lamis Hadjer-Lamis15,406
Moussoro Moussoro24.Barh el Gazel Barh el Gazel15,190
Bokoro Bokoro25.Hadjer-Lamis Hadjer-Lamis14,723
Bere Béré26.Tandjile Tandjilé14,666
Bousso Bousso27.Chari-Baguirmi Chari-Baguirmi13,555
Faya-Largeau Faya-Largeau28.Borkou Borkou13,400
Bebedja Bébédja29.Logone Oriental Logone Oriental12,671
Ngama Ngama30.Chari-Baguirmi Chari-Baguirmi12,438
Adre Adré31.Ouaddai Ouaddaï11,928
Bol Bol32.Lac Lac11,700
Guelendeng Guelendeng33.Mayo-Kebbi Est Mayo-Kebbi Est11,379
Moissala Moïssala34.Mandoul Mandoul11,264
Biltine Biltine35.Biltine Biltine11,000
Goundi Goundi36.Mandoul Mandoul10,052
Gounou Gaya Gounou Gaya37.Mayo-Kebbi Est Mayo-Kebbi Est9,521
Beinamar Beïnamar38.Logone Occidental Logone Occidental7,445
Melfi Melfi39.Guera Guéra5,784
Beboto Béboto40.Logone Oriental Logone Oriental5,432
Massenya Massenya41.Chari-Baguirmi Chari-Baguirmi3,680
Aozou Aozou42.Tibesti Tibesti1,880
Goz Beida Goz Béïda43.Ouaddai Ouaddaï1,500
Iriba Iriba44.Biltine Biltine1,100
Goz Beida Goz Beïda45.Sila Sila1,000

1 - 45 of 45 places

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