Regions in Chad

Chad is made up of 23 primary administrative regions. Have a closer look at the regions in Chad. Information on all primary administrative regions in Chad.

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Primary administrative regions in Chad

There are 23 regions in Chad in the primary administrative level.
Primary administrative regions in Chad
RegionNoPopulationCapitalCapital population
Barh el Gazel Province du Barh-El-Gazel1.260,865Moussoro Moussoro15,190
Batha Batha Region2.391,742Ati Ati24,074
Borkou Borkou Region3.107,251Faya-Largeau Faya-Largeau13,400
Chari-Baguirmi Chari-Baguirmi Region4.1,700,160Massenya Massenya3,680
Ennedi-Est Ennedi-Est5.113,000Amdjarass Amdjarass-
Ennedi-Ouest Ennedi-Ouest6.60,000Fada Fada23,786
Guera Guera Region7.415,909Mongo Mongo27,763
Hadjer-Lamis Hadjer-Lamis8.562,957Massakory Massakory15,406
Kanem Kanem Region9.380,157Mao Mao18,031
Lac Lac Region10.343,496Bol Bol11,700
Logone Occidental Logone Occidental Region11.618,580Moundou Moundou135,167
Logone Oriental Logone Oriental Region12.598,990Doba Doba24,336
Mandoul Mandoul13.637,086Koumra Koumra36,263
Mayo-Kebbi Est Mayo-Kebbi East Region14.1,120,612Bongor Bongor27,770
Mayo-Kebbi Ouest Mayo-Kebbi West Region15.569,087Pala Pala35,466
Moyen-Chari Moyen-Chari Region16.1,003,054Sarh Sarh102,528
N'Djamena Ville de N'Djamena17.1,092,066N'Djamena N'Djamena721,081
Ouadai Ouaddai Region18.738,647Abeche Abéché74,188
Salamat Salamat Region19.250,430Am-Timan Am-Timan28,885
Sila Sila20.289,776Goz-Beida Goz-Beida1,000
Tandjile Tandjile Region21.616,362Lai Laï19,382
Tibesti Tibesti Region22.21,970Bardai Bardaï-
Wadi Fira Wadi Fira Region23.250,978Biltine Biltine11,000